The Highest Quality Recycled Boxes for Gifts

ReadyWrap’s Eco-ACTual™ gift boxes are the perfect sustainable gift wrapping solution that are truly recyclable, compostable, and reusable. When someone mentions a sustainable or green product, you may picture something that is ugly, expensive, or that uses odd materials. ReadyWrap’s sustainable gift boxes are the opposite: they are attractive, inexpensive, and easy to use. 

That’s because we recognize that gift wrapping and gift giving are sacred, thoughtful traditions between friends and family. In fact, gift giving is one of the few traditions that unite us culturally around the world. It’s unfortunate that the pressure to produce products faster, better, and cheaper has caused so much waste in our landfills globally. That’s why market demand is growing year over year for Eco-ACTual™, sustainable gift wrapping products that can be reused and recycled.
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Benefits of Sustainable Gift Boxes

We’re Not Just Eco-Friendly, We’re Eco-Actual

When we developed this product, we recognized that traditional paper gift wrapping, bags, and printed boxes for gifts aren’t necessarily sustainable, let alone good for the environment. And it’s hard to tell these days exactly what impact you’re making with your well-intended purchases with so many green buzzwords stamped on products. For example, you may have heard the term eco-friendly, but have you ever wondered if the gift wrapping products you buy are eco-actual? And what’s the difference?

There truly is a difference between eco-friendly and eco-actual. Marketers may use the term “green” or “eco-friendly” to tell the seller that their product doesn’t harm the environment. However, Eco-ACTual™ products don’t just avoid harming the environment, they help it by reducing the impact of the carbon footprint, from sustainable production practices through supply chain distribution. Also, eco-actual, sustainable gift boxes can be composted, recycled, and even reused, all of which reduces energy and water consumption, helping our planet retain natural, vital resources.

We Help Industrial Businesses Achieve Carbon Neutral

Manufacturers and fabricators are under immense pressure to reduce their greenhouse emissions and switch to more environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials for shipping and storage. There are a few key steps manufacturers can make to achieve greener business practices, including:

• Increasing energy efficiency
• Conserving water
• Reducing packaging
• Using less paper 
• Sourcing local and sustainable materials. 
The overall strategy for becoming greener can start by simplifying day-to-day operations and assessing the impact of each step of the manufacturing process. Switching to eco-actual boxes that are produced for storage and shipping, manufacturers and fabricators can lead to a direct impact in energy and water conservation and packaging reduction. Ongoing innovation in the manufacturing side of the industry will continue to influence and expand upon remanufacturing practices that can also contribute to a reduction in the industry’s carbon footprint.

One such innovation - the ReNewBox - is a companion product to the ReadyWrap pre-wrapped gift boxes. ReNewBox is made specifically for industrial and wholesale customers who are ready to implement more sustainable practices into their businesses. These boxes can be reversible, are recyclable and compostable, and are reusable up to 4 times without degradation.

We Help Everyday Gift Givers Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Businesses like industrial manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers aren’t the only ones that need to work hard to reduce their carbon footprints. If you’ve ever used a carbon footprint calculator, you can see firsthand how individual gift-givers can make a big difference, too. From being mindful of the materials that make up the products you buy, and making a conscious effort to buy more sustainable gift wrapping products that you recycle, reuse, and even compost, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

At ReadyWrap, we are committed to helping all of our customers reduce their carbon footprint by designing, manufacturing, and selling gift wrapping products that don’t harm the environment. And because we ship flat, we use less truck space, which means that trucking companies delivering our products can haul more in fewer deliveries.

We call ReadyWrap products “eco-actual” because our printed gift boxes are truly reusable, recyclable, and compostable. That means that they don’t harm the environment and are:

• Free of dyes that harm the environment
• Free of non-paper additives
• Use soy-based ink
• Free of plastic coating
• Made from 100% organic matter and can break down into nutrient-rich compost

From the materials we use to develop our recyclable gift boxes to the way we ship and store our products, ReadyWrap gift boxes are not just eco-friendly, they are eco-actual.

Why ReadyWrap Makes The Most Sustainable Gift-Wrap Alternative

With ReadyWrap gift boxes, gift givers can eliminate the need for secondary packaging of the gift in a beautiful, easy-to-assemble, sustainable gift box. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat.

The ingredients in typical gift wrapping aren’t what they used to be. Glue used to assemble boxes originally came from horse hooves while paper products used to be made exclusively from wood pulp. It’s hard to imagine just how much plastic and foil are used in modern paper gift wrapping products. As a result, in the US alone, millions of pounds of paper and ribbon end up in landfills because they can’t be recycled or composted, or aren’t durable enough to be reused.
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Paper Bags Aren’t Necessarily Recyclable

Despite the claims that paper gift bags are more earth-friendly, most cannot be recycled.
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    Glossy bags cannot be recycled if they are made from a paper-plastic mix as the materials can’t be separated.
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    Other additives to the paper texture like glitter and confetti might be fun to look at, but they turn a perfectly sustainable paper product into a non-recyclable one.
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    The glue used in paper gift bag assembly is not only harmful to the environment, it’s made from a variety of man-made chemicals that cannot be easily separated from the product or recycled.
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    Gift bags can’t be recycled if they have ribbons or bows because the materials used to make the ribbons are a plastic-paper composite.
If components of your gift wrapping are recyclable, you can try to separate the non-recyclable accessories and discard or reuse those before recycling. For example, if your gift bag or gift box is 100% paper without a coating, it’s okay to recycle, but first you need to remove all of the adornments like the ribbon and wrapping paper.
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Go Green With Sustainable Boxes for Gifts

ReadyWrap’s recyclable boxes for gifts can avoid going to landfill, be composted, or reused. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, reusable wrapping paper appeals to markets where plastic is being reduced. On top of that, many companies have mandates and initiatives to become carbon neutral; every investment into paper products needs to ensure that it’s actually sustainable to reduce its carbon footprint.

So, who are ReadyWrap boxes for? You might be an individual looking for a sustainable or recyclable box to give a gift to that special someone. You could be a retailer or wholesaler looking to decrease your own carbon footprint with more sustainable gift wrapping options for your customers. Or you could even be an industrial client seeking a less expensive way to achieve your eco-actual goals.

ReadyWrap makes sustainable boxes in multiple sizes, with over 160 real wrapping paper designs. Our products are affordable, easy to use, and make the act of gift giving an eco-actual pleasure.

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Sustainability Gift Boxes FAQ

With all the misinformation out there about sustainability, it can be hard for responsible consumers to keep up with what’s actually eco-friendly and what isn’t.

Our aim is to help individuals and businesses reduce and even neutralize their carbon footprint, so we’re happy to answer any questions people have about eco-responsible gift giving. The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about sustainable gift boxes.