How Can Pre-Wrapped gift boxes™ Help Your Business.

Want an easy and effective way to maximize your meaningful gift-giving for your brand or business? Are you Looking for a great gift wrap option for your brick and mortar store? Look no further with ReadyWrap® Pre-Wrapped Gift Box!   Create your wholesale account today!

According to a 3M survey,

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71% of adults plan on purchasing gift wrapping supplies to complete the task themselves, and 48% of businesses plan on giving gifts in some capacity. 60% of small businesses say that a premium gift box helps them compete with big-box retailers.

ReadyWrap® Pre-Wrapped Gift Box is the solution to retail and consumer gift wrapping needs. The ReadyWrap® Box made from premium material is reusable and solves both retailer and consumer concerns.
ReadyWrap® is here to change how you think about gift boxes - especially for your small or big business!

Some Industries that ReadyWrap® serves: 

  • E-Commerce (E-Tailers) 
  • Brick and Mortar Retailers
  • Corporations; Gift giving, Appreciation and Promotional events

Plus Many More! 

Benefits to Businesses: 

  • Additional Revenue Opportunity 
  • Create additional Touchpoint
  • Offer "Gift Wrapping" Services
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty
  • Resale for Profit
  • Save Time (Folds in 30 Seconds or Less)
  • Save Space (Ships & Stores Flat)
  • Eliminate Waste (Cost Benefit)
  • Reduce Cost
  • Low Order Minimum 
  • Sell as Individuals or Packs ( by theme or collections)
  • Eco-Actual™ 
  • Made in the USA

Benefits to Consumers:

  • Time Savings
  • Completes Shopping Experience
  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly
  • Faster and more efficient than traditional gift wrapping
  • Sustainably sourced materials ( Eco-ACTual™)
Check out some great uses for ReadyWrap® for your business: 
  • Corporate Gift Giving 
  • Wedding Planners, Event Planners
  • PR & Marketing and Promotional Firms
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Charitable Gifts 
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 Made in the USA Made in the USA