Pre-Wrapped Gift Box Guide

Decorative gift boxes are a premium choice for individuals aiming to perfect their presentation. No matter your needs or the occasion, a premium gift box provides the right level of support and beauty. Here at ReadyWrap, we saw a huge demand for pre-wrapped gift boxes for both private and commercial use. You’ll love the ease and beauty of our ready-to-use gift boxes. Own a business? Enjoy being able to deliver a more complete shopping experience to your guests!

If you’re looking for a superior way to wrap your gifts this year, ReadyWrap® Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are here to impress! Our decorative gift boxes are rigid, reversible, shippable reusable, recyclable, providing the right look and unbeatable convenience at an ideal price. After being featured on QVC, our Pre-wrapped gift boxes began to sell out fast. Why? Because ReadyWrap products address a range of consumer and commercial needs in a beautifully effective format.

People Love Presentation

One study showed that 70% of consumers form their impression of a brand based on its product packaging. A clean, sturdy package design is truly advantageous when it comes to making a lasting impression or standing out amongst the competition (as evidenced by Apple and the success of their iPods). Roughly half of those surveyed stated that they would be willing to pay a little more for a product with appealing packaging. If you own a small business and want to improve your brand recall, decorative gift boxes are a smart way to go. The same can be true for individuals who want to make a memorable impression on their gift recipient. 

People Do Not Enjoy Wrapping

Nearly 70% of participants in one study cited wrapping presents as one of the most annoying holiday tasks. You have enough to worry about during the holidays: visiting family, work, chores, and a bevy of shopping trips. Wrapping your gifts takes time and energy, from shopping for wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and boxes to making the time and space to begin the process. Even after you’ve carved out time to wrap, so many things can interrupt you, such as family members walking in and ruining the surprise, animals excitedly romping through the paper and tissue, and a major mess to clean up once the gifts are opened. 

2017 resulted in approximately 5 billion purchased gifts, resulting in 4 million tons of wasted gift wrapping paper. If all consumers were to utilize ReadyWrap (can be used up to four times), approximately 3 million tons of waste would be eliminated from the equation. Once you’re done with our reusable gift box, you can recycle it!

Rely on ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes

  • Beautiful — We don’t rely on printed box designs to provide a pretend gift wrap. Our ReadyWrap® boxes feature pre-wrapping with quality materials already attached to the cardboard. Check out our full inventory of paper designs to find your favorite!
  • Economical — You can reuse this beautiful product time and time again, eliminating the need for wrapping paper and tape. Our reusable gift boxes can be considered an eco-friendly choice. 
  • Convenient — We’re all about saving you time and money. ReadyWrap gift boxes fold up and assemble in seconds. Assemble the sides, and you’re ready to go!
  • Storable — Our decorative boxes ship and store flat, saving space in your home or business until the time comes. This factor also lowers shipping costs to save you even more.
  • Precise — Why stress about clean cuts and precise tape lines when you can simply fold a pre-wrapped gift box in less than 20 seconds? ReadyWrap products are designed for dimensional accuracy and precise results.

Box Sizes Matter

Investing in a pre-wrapped gift box means that your gift or products will need to fit nicely inside. Purchasing an oversized gift box or cheap-looking, expensive GIFT BAG will allow the product to roll around freely within, resulting in a poor impression on the recipient and potentially a broken gift. Opting for a gift box that is too small can limit your ability to include extra goodies, such as a small gift or promotional piece.

ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are here to provide a wide range of beautifully crafted reusable boxes, available in a variety of sizes from three-inch cube boxes to 12-inch x 12-inch gift boxes. Customers can also choose from a number of bulk and wholesale deals to buy en masse and save. Need gift-wrapped boxes to give away clothing, or do you plan on gifting some wine to your favorite people? Browse our collection of reusable wine gift boxes to find the best combination for your needs.

Decorative Boxes for Every Occasion

Our gift-wrapped boxes are great for more than just Christmas Day. Many customers who visit our online store are happy to find a variety of styles to match just about any gift-giving occasion. Businesses in need of pre-wrapped gift boxes can save time and money while also finding the right color to match their branding efforts. Best of all, these reusable boxes provide a quality presentation with crisp clean, sharp corners; no more sloppy gift-wrap bags! ReadyWrap Gift Box offers unique patterns and colors for every product, and don’t forget that our reusable gift boxes are reversible and shippable!

Valentine’s Day

Want to impress your loved one this season without going over the top? ReadyWrap’s pre-wrapped gift boxes are available in smooth, flowing patterns to emphasize love and romance. You can make a unique statement with our zebra gift box or focus on luxury with one of our richer designs. We’re ready to create a simple statement for Valentine’s Day to enhance the love behind your gift.


When it comes to birthday gift wraps, it’s open season in terms of style choices. Our gift-wrapped boxes are available in bright, dynamic colors topped with festive accents and ribbons. You can find a variety of style choices to fit nearly any box design, such as our all-occasion apparel gift box. From candy confetti designs to balloons, polar bears, and dots and stripes, you’re sure to find the right design to perfectly fit your recipient’s style. With ReadyWrap, you can fold, bow, and go!

Corporate Gifts

You put a lot of effort into your business brand, and corporate gifts are a great way to reinforce the quality of your company. No matter the gift this year, make a lasting impression when you enclose it in one of our pre-wrapped gift boxes. Aim for a simple and professional presentation with the right box for the job. We have a variety of simplistic styles to choose from and provide matching tissue paper and a matching bow to create a memorable appearance.

Just for Her

You may be looking for a perfect gift for the special woman in your life, and now you need a wrapped gift box to make a meaningful first impression. You may also be worried about the quality of your wrapping skills. ReadyWrap offers a range of pre-wrapped gift boxes for her, including vibrant color schemes and rich flourishes to create an artistic finish. We’re not saying that the female you are shopping for only loves girly things, but a beautiful gift wrap may be the cherry on top in addition to your meaningful gift.

Just for Him

Men aren’t necessarily simple creatures, but they do like to keep things simple. If you’re shopping for a quality gift for him, be sure to encase it in a sturdy gift box to make the right impression. Our company offers reversible pre-wrapped boxes that are collapsible for shipping  in simple patterns to create an elegant finish without the need for superfluous details. Browse our online collection to find the right fit for your man, and buy today to save time, money, and energy!

Baby Occasions

Whether you’re giving a gift to a newborn or at a baby shower, or it happens to be that baby’s third birthday, a pre-wrapped gift box can provide the right results for the job. Our online store offers a range of kid-approved designs, including baby elephants, baby giraffes, sea creature babies, playful teddy bears, and more. These designs are bright, colorful, and easy to re-use for future events. From colorful dots to superhero sounds and camouflage, we have decorative gift boxes for every age!


You have a lot of gifts to give, and we have the pre-wrapped gift boxes to help! We started our business to create an effective solution to the lack of time, finances, and reusable gift boxes available today, and found our success in offering holiday designs. You can find festive patterns to maximize your holiday season. Our gift wrap boxes range in size to accommodate toys, apparel, jewelry, small electronics, home decor, games, and more.

We’re happy to provide ideal outcomes to consumers in need, and can also work with small businesses to enhance their sales and presentation space. If you’re in need of a quality packaging solution to provide your customers, then be sure to learn more about the B2B advantages of ReadyWrap!

Build Your Own Pack and Save

Bundling is always a smart choice, and ReadyWrap Gift Box is here to help you acquire the right gift boxes to meet all of your needs. You can choose to build your own pack, going through our inventory and selecting the right sizes, styles, and patterns to enhance gifts for everyone in your life. 

Want to share the beauty and convenience of our pre-wrapped gift boxes? You can buy a ReadyWrap gift card online. This is the perfect choice for those wanting the gift of choice for how to best wrap their presents. Once you purchase a gift card ranging from $10 to $100, a code will be emailed to the recipient to redeem at checkout. No processing fees, no wait, and no waste!

Commercial Advantages

ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are great for consumers, but what about your business? Our team is here to improve your sales, deploying our economical gift wrap boxes to deliver the right advantages:

  • Upsells — You can include our pre-wrapped boxes as an incentive to move a certain product.
  • Resale — Our boxes can be resold for profit at any store, providing a range of options for crafty consumers.
  • Wrapping services — Pre-wrapped gifts are a hit, and your business can offer these reusable boxes as a way to complete the shopper experience.
  • Ships and stores flat — Our boxes can be flattened until needed, saving space in your warehouse while also saving on shipping costs.

Eco-Actual® Results

Did you know that gift giving this holiday season reached over $720 billion in online sales? This equates to millions of tons of gift-wrapping material being thrown away each season. According to our math, replacing all of the gift wrap used last season with our wrapped gift boxes could’ve reduced holiday waste by three million tons! 

ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes were designed to be eco-friendly, keeping responsible environmental practices at the forefront of our work. Our decorative gift boxes are made here in the U.S.A. from sustainably sourced materials. ReadyWrap Gift Box was featured on Eco-ACTual’s® site, an online store dedicated to the reduction of plastic waste and general waste across our planet. Eco-ACTual carefully selects and tests products before passing them onto their consumers. We’re happy to make a small difference in our environment, and are also happy to gain the approval of this eco-conscious store!

Shop Today!

Are you ready to benefit from our industry-leading wrapped gift boxes? ReadyWrap Gift Box is excited to offer a dynamic wrapping solution for individuals and businesses in need of a better packaging solution. Save time, money, and waste with our amazingly affordable boxes. Browse our online store to find beautifully pre-wrapped gift boxes, or contact us online for complete support. We look forward to wrapping with you!