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              Live a Eco-ACTual™ Life  

Doing Our Part to Help the Environment

Did you know that approximately four million tons of wrapping paper is ripped up and discarded on Christmas morning? This holiday alone produces a considerable amount of trash, especially when you consider the fact that your wrapping paper is nearly weightless!

After learning that Americans waste enough paper to cover 5,000 football fields, our company set to work in creating the most eco-friendly product possible.


        Positive Environmental impact.

Save Your Resources

Pre-Wrapped™ Gift Boxes are designed to be reused time and time again, providing gift-givers with a green solution to paper waste. If everyone switched to our decorative gift boxes, they would see just how helpful our products can be in minimizing the impact on our landfills, helping our environment along the way!


Precious and Valuable resources 

Build Your Brand, Customer Relations, and, Save the Plant.

Offering packaging options adds value to each order, so you earn extra every time a customer chooses a gift box.

Our Eco-actual™ boxes reduce packaging costs, as they can be produced using less paper and resources. They assemble in under 30 seconds to serve more customers in less time. Unfold to store flat, save space and best part there Re-usable!

Customizable to your specific branding needs and offering a concierge-style service to enhance the customer Unboxing and Unfolding experience.