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Tired of wasting tissue paper? Of leaving gifts crumpled in the bottom of bags? Of realizing the edges of the wrapping paper don’t meet and you’re out of tape? Set yourself free from the inefficiency, cost, and wastefulness of traditional wrapping and gift bags with the ReadyWrap Box.

Eco-friendly and ready under 20 seconds, the ReadyWrap Box is reversible, reusable, and recyclable. You won’t need tape or glue, and you’ll love selecting personalized designs to show how much you care. The ReadyWrap Box is perfect for every celebration, from Mother’s Day to Christmas Day, and its quality construction is unmistakable. And no, it’s not a printed box — it’s real, superior wrapping paper applied to a folding cardboard box. Even better, we sell bows, tags, and tissue that are just as easy to use. This is the wrapping that your gift deserves.

Radically affordable and easy to use, the ReadyWrap Box is the ultimate gift wrapping solution for individuals as well as businesses of all sizes. Save time, money, and effort without compromising the results.

The Facts

Did you know?

According to a 3M survey, 71% of adults will purchase gift wrap supplies and wrap presents themselves.

When you stock ReadyWrap gift boxes in your retail locations, your customers experience the convenience of a perfectly wrapped gift without having to shop around for supplies at someone else’s store.

You provide a valuable product that enhances revenue for your business, and your customers are the talk of the party.

It’s a win-win!

ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes

  • Ship and store flat
  • Are reusable and biodegradable
  • Available at low minimum quantities
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