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About Us

The ReadyWrap® team is a tightly knit group of experienced innovators with a passion for improving the lives of people around us. Having realized we can make a profound difference by revolutionizing outdated, expensive, and inefficient tools, we’ve permanently changed the way people approach gift wrapping.

Several years ago, we observed a huge demand among stores for pre-wrapped gift boxes. Unfortunately, the freight cost wasn’t competitive. Additionally, a lot of the wrapped, rigid set-up boxes across the industry had moved to China, which made shipping even more challenging. As we slowly wrapped our own gifts and experienced the frustration of pouring hours into a simple task, we realized we had to create a competitive, pre-wrapped gift box with mass-market appeal. In no time, the idea of the pre-wrapped folding box was born, we’d filed for a trademark, and ReadyWrap® was poised to change the world.

ReadyWrap® is the alternative to inefficient, bland boxes and wrinkled gift bags stuffed with wasteful tissue paper. Our patented and trademarked boxes not only keep your gift looking beautiful, they create a wonderful experience for the recipient while saving you time and protecting the environment. We knew the biggest test would be showing it to leading gift wrap manufacturers in the US, and their excited interest told us we hit our mark. We’re thrilled to see what the future brings. Feel free to browse our shop to find the pre-wrapped gift boxes you need, contact us online for support, and get ready to experience the ReadyWrap® difference for yourself today!