What Do People Use Our Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes For?

These days, it can prove challenging trying to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to giving gifts, people are used to the generic cardboard boxes with the seller’s logo affixed to the side. Consumers are also used to putting a lot of time and energy into wrapping their presents, creating a serious hassle when you consider the need for wapping, cutting with scissors, applying the tape, and more. If you’re looking for a truly beautiful way to give a gift that matters this season, ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are here to help!

Our reusable gift boxes feature real gift wrapping paper on a sturdy box, providing a perfect wrapping job for each and every occasion. Since being featured on QVC, our pre-wrapped gift boxes have become a hit! Consumers love the convenience and quality behind our products, and businesses are happy to build trust with their brand through our convenient boxes.

We’re happy to offer a range of box sizes complete with vibrant designs that are sure to make your recipient’s day. However, we’re often asked what buyers actually use our pre-wrapped gift boxes for.


From shirts and pants for fathers to new onesies for baby, it’s beneficial to find the right gift box for the job. Our online store offers a wide range of apparel gift boxes for every recipient, including large boxes for jackets and shirts as well as small apparel boxes for socks and hats. People like to joke about how mundane socks can be as a gift, but when you present these to a loved one encased in a beautifully wrapped box, the impression can prove to be much different! 

Wine Sets

Whether it’s a holiday company party or you’re providing the perfect vintage for your best friend’s engagement, it pays to find the right gift box for the job. Our pre-wrapped gift boxes range from single wine boxes for all occasions to beer boxes and more. You can create a beautiful presentation for your wine gift, relying on a range of versatile styles to create the perfect look for any occasion. Create a professional look for your boss, or find a festive birthday box for your best friend. No matter your plans, ReadyWrap offers wine boxes to make everyone’s day!

Jewelry, Wallets, Belts, and Ties

Are you looking for a beautiful way to package your anniversary gift? We offer a variety of reusable gift boxes to perfectly package smaller gifts in a beautiful format. Customers love the results of combining their scarves and other meaningful accessories in a way that their recipients will love, matching the bow and design for added presentation value. You can find a variety of gift boxes to meet your shopping needs!

Trinkets and More

Outside of clothing, fashion accessories, and gifts of alcohol, You can expect consumers to invest in a wide range of products. ReadyWrap offers accessory boxes for nearly every other gift out there, including sizes for jewelry, candles, soaps, ornaments, mugs, and more. We are proud to provide a diverse range of sizes in beautiful designs, including themes in tile, polka-dots, gothic flourishes, and so on. No matter your plans, we’re here and ready to provide the right wrap for the job!

Do You Sell Any of These Products?

More and more, small businesses and online stores across the country are relying on ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes to boost their revenue and increase sales. How? Because our reusable gift boxes are perfectly designed for your business!

You can elect to sell our gift boxes as an add-on or include them to complete the shopping/wrapping experience for customers. Or, you can include them as special offers and attach a custom packing slip to help reinforce your brand. Either way, our decorative gift boxes are designed to thrive, as they are reusable (build your eco-friendly badge) and ship and store flat (saving you on shipping and storage). With low order minimums and cost-effective designs, you’ll benefit from a gift box that your customers will love!

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You can browse our online store to find all of the gift wrap boxes we have available. Whether you’re a consumer in need of the perfect box for an anniversary or birthday gift or you’re an entrepreneur looking to make an impact through your online store, ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are here to make life better!

Browse our online store today to find the reusable gift boxes you want, or contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our product lineup!

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