Our Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are Perfect for Working Professionals

As the summer season comes into full swing, more and more people are getting back to life and resuming business as usual. If you’re an event planner, wedding planner, or employee in charge of public relations for your company, then now may be the time to begin preparing for summer. Regardless of your professional needs, it can prove beneficial to package your gifts in the right box to create a quality impression and impress your clients.

ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are here to serve as your solution for all of your gift-wrapping needs. Instead of relying on tape, scissors, and paper to wrap your presents, you can instead save time and effort by relying on our reusable gift boxes! Our pre-wrapped gift boxes ship and store flat to save on space and shipping expenses, and each box can be reused multiple times. Keep reading to see what ReadyWrap can do for your business, and be sure to browse our online store to shop all of our wrapped gift boxes!

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Public Relations

The act of giving corporate gifts can show appreciation for your employees, customers, and community, and let them know that you value them. In public relation settings, our wrapped gift boxes offer the perfect vehicle for packaging valuables to give away on behalf of your company. You can find a number of sizes and a variety of luxurious wrapping designs to reinforce the quality behind your brand. Feel free to browse our shop to find the perfect gift box for your corporate gifts!

Wedding Planners

You work hard to ensure that your client has the perfect day, and likely deploy every tool at your disposal to handle all of the fine details. One detail that always seems to slip through the cracks is the packaging for your wedding favors. The bride and groom may elect to provide unique gifts to their guests to thank them for coming, tasking you with finding the perfect packaging. ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes have been a top choice amongst wedding planners for years, as our wrapped gift boxes arrive ready to assemble. Choose from a variety of wedding boxes to find the right dimensions for your gfit, and be prepared to be impressed by the quality behind ReadyWrap! 

Event Planners

Outside of planning someone’s big day, you may have your schedule full with a variety of other commitments. Event planners rely on certain tools of the trade to make life easier while coordinating a client’s event from conception to the farewell gifts. From corporate events to fundraisers, bar mitzvahs, and everything in between, event planning can generate the right outcome for a variety of occasions. 

Our pre-wrapped gift boxes can help you create a memorable party favor for guests, providing a beautiful box that is already gift-wrapped and ready to impress. No matter the size or scope of your gifts, you can find the right reusable boxes for the job. 

Save Time, and Lots of It!

Regardless of your event, one thing will likely be true — you have a lot of gifts to wrap. ReadyWrap was created for this very reason, as our founders were tired of the mess and hassle associated with wrapping presents. Our pre-wrapped gift boxes arrive ready to assemble, easily folding and snapping together in under 20 seconds. Compared to traditional wrapping methods, this can save you an exponential amount of time, especially if you are tasked with wrapping dozens or even hundreds of gifts! 

Event planners have raved about the convenience of our products, saving lots of time and energy to focus on more pressing matters. You can create a beautiful array of wrapped gift boxes to generate serious results without a big commitment. Simply assemble the box, enfold your gift in the provided tissue paper, and finish things off with a coordinating bow.

See how it works to preview how fast and simple assembling our wrapped gift boxes can be.

Create Professional Appearances

The quality behind your services helps to build your business and acquire new clients. Therefore, it is beneficial to focus on the impression created when guests arrive at your venue. Every detail should be covered to generate the highest client satisfaction, including the packaging of your party gifts.

ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are not a cheap, printed-on product. Instead, our boxes come with the wrapping paper already attached, leaving you with a sturdy, professional aesthetic. Our gift boxes feature clean lines and quality designs, not shoddy craftsmanship. You can choose from numerous styles to match every occasion or client preference. Our boxes come in a variety of sizes as well to best fit your wedding gifts, party favors, or corporate gifts. 

Reduce Waste

One reason for creating ReadyWrap gift boxes was to cut down on the massive amount of waste associated with wrapping paper to help our environment. Earth-conscious entities such as Earth911 have estimated that nearly 5 million pounds of wrapping paper are produced in the U.S. each year, with half of that weight ending up in our landfills. ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are made from sustainably sourced materials, gaining the approval of Eco-ACTUAL™, a top resource for earth-friendly products and practices.

Our reusable gift boxes are durable and can be reused up to four times. If everyone across the country were to rely on the beauty and convenience of ReadyWrap, then we could cut out tons of waste over the course of one year (if you think about the weight of wrapping paper, 5 million pounds should be quite a lot!). An additional benefit of investing in our gift wrap boxes is the ability to reduce your material needs. Simply fold, snap, and go with our pre-wrapped gift boxes, without the need for tape, scissors, and more. 

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