Did You Know? 5 Things You May Not Know About Our Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes

Online stores and professional gift-givers alike know the value of providing a high-quality box to present their products. It’s also beneficial to find a gift-wrapping solution that is designed to make assembly easy. ReadyWrap® Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are here to serve as your go-to solution for every gift you need to give! If you’re tired of spending time trying to wrap presents while creating a lot of paper waste, then our reusable gift boxes are the perfect solution.

After being featured on QVC, ReadyWrap boxes became a hit due to their fast assembly (you can fold your box in under 30 seconds!) and beautiful design options. You may have heard of the value of our products, but you may not know all of the advantages of purchasing from ReadyWrap. Keep reading for five factors that may influence your buying decision, and be sure to check out our guide to help you find the perfect gift box for your next event!

Covered With Superior Wrapping Paper

Many online shoppers opt for pre-wrapped gift boxes only to discover that the beautiful exterior is actually a cheap, printed-on style. Our ReadyWrap boxes are clad in real, superior wrapping paper, providing a luxurious finish that will be sure to impress your recipient. The quality behind this construction helps to make it reusable for several occasions, adding to the value of your original gift. 

Our Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes Are Reversible

Do you want to craft your own box design? Our gift boxes are available unwrapped, and are reversible for added convenience. Choose from a wide range of unique and luxurious gift wrap options, and feel free to reverse your box when you’re ready to create your own style. Instead of waiting at a wrapping station for a professional outcome, you can assemble and customize one of our gift boxes right in the comfort of your home!

Your New Gift Boxes Ship and Store Flat

The biggest problem with selling pre-wrapped gift boxes came in the form of shipping logistics. Shipping an empty box to each customer’s door is not very cost-effective, and would make the cost of each gift box much higher. Additionally, you’d need to find a secure place to store your box until it is needed (or long-term storage if you buy in bulk!). Luckily, ReadyWrap solved both issues by patenting our product, which ships and stores flat. This results in the most cost-effective shipping possible while also reducing the amount of space needed to store your gift boxes. If you’re looking for gift boxes for your business, this can prove to be a major advantage!

Designed to Help the Environment

Did you know that approximately four million tons of wrapping paper is ripped up and discarded on Christmas morning? This holiday alone produces a considerable amount of trash, especially when you consider the fact that your wrapping paper is nearly weightless!

After learning that Americans waste enough paper to cover 5,000 football fields, our company set to work in creating the most eco-friendly product possible. ReadyWrap Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes are designed to be reused time and time again, providing gift-givers with a green solution to paper waste. If everyone switched to our decorative gift boxes, they would see just how helpful our products can be in minimizing the impact on our landfills, helping our environment along the way!

All Needed Items Included!

The convenience of our reusable gift boxes are all-encompassing, which extends to the add-ons you’ll need to finish your gift wrapping experience. ReadyWrap gift boxes come with matching tissue, ribbon, and a gift tag to provide the interior and exterior beautification needed to create a high-quality finish. Whether you plan on delivering the perfect anniversary gift or you’re looking for a way to show your mother how much you care, our reusable gift boxes provide the perfect result. No tape or wrapping needed — just fold, bow, and go!

Shop Our Store Today

Ready to see how beautiful and effective our gift wrap boxes are? Browse our online store to find wrapped gift boxes for every occasion, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or want to learn about our wholesale program. We look forward to gifting with you!

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