Christmas is Almost Here — Enhance Your Holidays With Our Wrapped Gift Boxes!

The holidays are busy, we know. From shopping and decorating to picking up the in-laws, you barely have time to wrap the plethora of presents you have accrued in order to gift loved ones. Instead of spending your time and money on wasteful paper and tape, why not benefit from a pre-wrapped gift box designed to deliver amazing value at an affordable price?

ReadyWrap® gift boxes are your perfect choice this holiday season, providing an ideal platform for items of all sizes. These reusable gift boxes are the best way for businesses and consumers to create professional-looking presents without the loss of time. Our wrapped gift boxes can be folded and ready to go in under 20 seconds, saving you the trouble of cutting and taping. According to a 3M survey, 71% of adults plan on purchasing gift wrapping supplies to complete the task themselves. ReadyWrap is here to change how you think about gift boxes!

The Benefits of Our Pre-Wrapped Gift Boxes

If you’re not convinced that ReadyWrap gift boxes are the best choice for you this holiday season (or for any occasion!), keep reading to catch up on a few of the top benefits. We started this journey to enhance the experience for consumers across all holidays. Be sure to learn more about us before making your purchase!

  • Durable — Comprised of quality construction, these boxes are built to last. You can achieve peace of mind in knowing that your presents won’t fall apart before it’s time to unwrap them!
  • Reusable — The quality of our gift boxes make them ideal for reuse, saving you time and money while also helping the environment. Reduce waste and rely on a biodegradable product? We say yes!
  • Storable — Our pre-wrapped boxes store flat, meaning you can put them away until the next holiday or celebration. When the time comes, simply unfold your boxes and assemble them for convenient results.
  • Affordable — ReadyWrap pre-wrapped gift boxes also ship flat, meaning you’ll benefit from cost-effective shipping options. The price of each box is well worth the long-term value you’ll gain from purchasing through our store!
  • Beautiful — Professional, clean, and available in a wide range of styles, you can provide the best gift presentations for your customers or loved ones. 
  • Convenient — With low minimum orders and fast shipping, these gift wrap boxes are nothing but convenient. Stock some in your store to provide an easy solution for customers, who now won’t have to go to someone else’s store for supplies.

As Seen on QVC

Our gift-wrapped boxes are a hit! After airing on QVC, we were happy to receive a major influx of orders, as well as testimonials from our happy customers. ReadyWrap pre-wrapped gift boxes have proven to be a great choice for stores, e-comm businesses, manufacturers, consumers, Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies, and private consumers. Learn all about our wrapped gift boxes and the value they can provide for your personal or professional needs, and then be sure to check out our shop to get started!

Have Questions?

We’re as dedicated to quality customer support as we are to providing beautifully cost-effective gift boxes to consumers and businesses of all sizes. If you have any questions, or want to learn more about our decorative gift boxes, feel free to contact us online. Hurry now to make the most of your holiday gifts this season!

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