Accessory Boxes

Patented Design and other Patents Pending
Extremely affordable and easy to use, the ReadyWrap® gift box is the ultimate gift wrapping solution for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

You'll love our REAL Wrapping paper designs to show how much you care. The ReadyWrap® box is perfect for every celebration, from Valentine's Day to Christmas Day.
single wine box packaged with gift wrap and a bow
single wine box packaged with gift wrap and a bow


Our reusable boxes for gifts aren't just easy to use; they’re also easy to store, since they break down to lie completely flat. Flat boxes take up less space, making it easier for you to find a spot to store them in an attic or closet, or even under the bed.

About 10% of Americans don’t have enough room to store all of their belongings in their home, so holding onto things like gift wrapping can be a bit of an issue for some folks. But the extra room saved by breaking down empty gift boxes can make a world of difference, freeing up valuable storage space.

Now you can keep a convenient gift wrap alternative on hand for last minute gifts without having to worry about excess clutter - you can tuck ReadyWrap boxes into your home’s narrowest nooks and crannies, ready for next time you need them.

How Our Gift Boxes Work

ReadyWrap gift boxes are easy to use and ready in seconds.
Patented Design and other Patents Pending
Step 1 gift box instructions graphic
Step 1

Pre-fold thumb hole panels (highlighted), allow to return flat.

Step 2 gift box instructions graphic
Step 2

Pre-fold side panels (highlighted), and keep them upright.

Step 3 gift box instructions graphic
Step 3

Push-in corners and fold over thumb hole panels to ClickLock™ into place.

The Perfect Gift Box for Every Occasion

16 options to choose from with multiple sizes available in each box type
apparel gift box graphic

Apparel Boxes

Extra Small (8'' x 8'' x 2'')
Small (13'' x 8.5'' x 1.875'')
Medium (14.75'' x 9.125'' x 2'')
Large (18'' x 11.5'' x 3.25'')

gift box graphic

Extra Small (4.25'' x 4.25'' x 1.5'')
Small (6'' x 5.75'' x 2'')
Medium (8'' x 8'' x 2'')
Large (12'' x 12'' x 3'')

accessory gift box graphic

Accessory Boxes

Treasure (8'' x 8'' x 4.5'')
Craft Beer (9'' x 9.875'' x 2.5'')

gift box for wine graphic

Wine Boxes

Single Wine (13.25'' x 3.5'' x 3.5'')
Double Wine (13.25'' x 7'' x 3.5'')
Triple Wine (13.25'' x 10.5'' x 3.5'')

tumbler box graphic

Tumbler Boxes

Single Tumbler (9'' x 5'' x 5'')

cube gift box graphic

Cube Boxes

3 Inch Cube (3'' x 3'' x 3'')
5 inch Cube (5'' x 5'' x 5'')
7 inch Cube (7'' x 7'' x 7'')

A Paper for
Every Celebration

Our boxes can be paired with paper for all gifts and occasions! Birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, everyday gifts, and more! Just submit your email address and download the PDF.

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Order Your Easy to Use Boxes for Gifts on Amazon

ReadyWrap boxes for gifts are easy to use and store, and they’re also easy to order. Simply visit our Amazon Store and make your selections. To make ordering even more convenient, our pre-wrapped gift boxes are eligible for Amazon Prime.

Interested in wholesale pricing? Email us at or fill out our wholesale form and one of our sales associates will be in touch shortly.
Try our reusable gift boxes for your next special occasion and see what a difference they make.